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Meet our brewing system, Gus.

Meet our brewing system, Gus.

Everything we do, we believe in respecting tradition, blazing new trails, and fueling curiosity.  At Canal Park Brewing Company, we do this by making great beer.

We demonstrate our respect for tradition by striving to create the finest examples of the classic beer styles.  At the same time, we have our eyes on the future as we create new “Northcoaster” styles that highlight our unique culture and climate.  We cultivate curiosity by creating an experience that inspires people to participate, be inquisitive, and learn.

A perfect living example of this philosophy is our Brewhouse, lovingly named “Gus”.  When we began creating our brewing system back in 2009, our goal was simple. Do not allow the equipment to be the limitation of our creativity and potential.  The execution of this, however, was anything but simple.  We exhaustively poured over every detail and every potential scenario that in the end, would allow us to push our brewing abilities to the limit.  More importantly, when the perfect brew is created, we have the ability to consistently recreate it, which is the true test of a brewer.

Gus is a custom 20 barrel, three vessel system with full PLC control from Diversified Metal Engineering, based out of Prince Edward Island, Canada. 

Below is a snapshot of Gus’ vitals:

  • The malt silo outside the brewery holds 24,000 pounds of base malt, from Briess Malting located in Chilton, Wisconsin.
  • The RAD 300 series malt mill can chew through 4,400 lbs of malt per hour and then feeds the malt via auger to the grist case suspended above the Mash Mixer.
  • The Mash Mixer is equipped with steam jackets designed to heat 620 gallons of mash from 120 to 172 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 minutes and contains a top mounted VFD controlled agitator along with temperature control.
  • The Lauter Tun is designed with VFD controlled top mounted stirring and grain-out rakes, wedge wire false bottom, and automatic sparge in order to maximize Brewhouse efficiency.
  • The mash and wort transfer lines are equipped with pneumatic valves, Mag Flow Meters, and variable speed pumps to gently transfer wort to the Brew Kettle.
  • The Brew Kettle/Whirlpool combo is a 30 barrel gross volume vessel that has three steam jackets and an internal Calandria to create an aggressive boil and superior evaporation rates in order to maximized hop utilization as well as drive off undesirable volatile compounds.
  • The plate and frame wort chiller has the capacity to drop the temperature of the boiling liquid to 60 degrees Fahrenheit instantaneously as the Wort Aeration Assembly injects pure oxygen into the Wort on its way to the Fermenter.
  • The fermenting cellar is comprised of eight, 15 barrel unitanks and are temperature regulated by the PLC system and cooled with chilled glycol.
  • Filtration is comprised of a Pall Lenticular filter to create crystal clear beer.
  • The beer will finally rest in one of eight, 15 bbl serving tanks.  Two of which have been rated for high pressure to achieve the high carbonation content required of certain German styles.
  • Cask ales will be produced on site and served though one of two Beer Engines.

To keep Gus happy and on the straight and narrow, we have constructed a Laboratory located on the Mezzanine level where we will perform rigorous process and quality assurance analysis.
We look forward to beginning this journey with you.  We also look forward to celebrating our successes as well as our failures as we continually take risks and push the limits of our brewing expertise and creativity.

Stop by sometime and we will be happy to introduce you to Gus!