Hank & Dab’s

Pale Ale

Award Winning Beer

Hank & Dab’s took home 2nd place for Best in Show and 1st place in the Pale Ale category at the 2019 MN Brewers Cup.

For CPB co-owner, Rockie Kavajecz, this light & piney brew evokes distant memories of Hank and Dab, true legends of the wild and the greatest old fishing guides in all of Canada. Their remote, fly-in fishing lodge near Kenora, Ontario is a sacred place, unknown to 99.9% of the world. Rockie and his wife, Betsy, ran the lodge and guided on the lake for years when life was a little bit simpler. Enjoy the soft lingering bitterness of this earthy ale and toast to our neighbors to the North and of course to life’s great adventures.

Brewer’s Notes: Strikes a balance between malty sweetness with medium bitterness along with a pronounced focus on its soft pine, floral and light citrus hop flavor and aroma all coming together to create a refreshing and revitalizing pale ale.