Raspberry Blanco

Craft Cocktail

Delight in the refreshing fusion of our Raspberry Mint Tea Cocktail, a perfect blend for any occasion. This cocktail starts with a base of smooth Earl Giles Vodka and the unique Penny Spirits Americano Blanco, adding a sophisticated edge. Fresh raspberries and mint are muddled to release their natural flavors and aromas, marrying beautifully with the herbal notes of the Americano Blanco. A splash of iced tea adds a classic, cooling finish, making this drink a sublime choice for sipping on a sunny afternoon or a relaxed evening out. Each sip offers a burst of berry freshness, balanced with a hint of mint and the depth of fine spirits.

Earl Giles Vodka

Penny Spirits

Amaricano Blanco

Muddled Raspberries

Mint Iced Tea