Pumpkin Lager

Our growing season in the northland may be short, but it’s always sweet. From delicate berries to crisp apples lined up at the farmers market; we’ve picked the best, the heartiest, and the most flavorful. But perhaps the most respected is the fruit that can withstand our chilly autumn nights long after their vines have withered and the leaves have changed. What better way to celebrate the season than brewing these autumn icons into a slightly sweet malty lager with just the right amount of spice?

Brewer’s Notes:

Our VMO, Oktoberfest mashed with pumpkins creates the perfect fall seasonal brew. Notes of rich toast malty sweetness added with a kick of pumpkin pie spices all come together to balance out this smooth fall style lager.

Hops: Sterling

Fermentables: Vienna Malt, Pilsen Malt, Bonlander Munich Malt, Caramel Malt 10L, Aromatic Malt