Cranberry Lager

Revontulet, the Finnish word for Northern Lights, translated means, Foxfire. The myth goes that the Foxfire would run along the frozen ridges of Scandinavia, against the cold black skies of winter, and with its bushy tail, send sparks of fire into the darkness creating the Northern Lights. the foxfire was a highly sought-after beast to the hunters who feared the beauty in the sky, and the creative forces of such an animal. As it was told, those who captured the Foxfire would surely reap fame and fortune.

Rest your hunter;’s heart, for we have captured the essence of the magic of Foxfire in our spiced Cranberry Lager. Shed your layers of wool. Set down your weapons of warmth. Settle in for the beer of legends and reap the fortune of Foxfire. Experience the heart of Wild States Cider’s apple juice, blended with fresh cranberries to give this lager a balanced dry, tart mouthfeel, brightened by ginger, cinnamon, and clove creating a winter warmer.