Great Loch

Scotch Ale

For centuries myths of a Lake Superior, Loch Monster has captured the imagination of many. There are those who see each wave as a suspicious ripple of supernatural activity while others insist these monsters cause the northeastern winds to howl. If these wee heavy fish tales make you curious about what lurks below, sit back and enjoy our rich Great Loch Scotch Ale with its hints of roasted malt and nutty character sweetness and ponder the mysteries that like hidden below the depths.

Brewer’s Notes: Rich sweet and malty, with significant caramel and toffee notes. Hints of roasted malts are complemented by a light nutty character.

Hops: Chinook, Willamette

Fermentables: Pale Ale Malt, Carapils, Caramel Malt 80, Bonlander, Roasted Barley, Brown Sugar