Black IPA

From the shelter of your tent you’ll want to reach for a chilled crowler of Storm Born Black IPA after a long paddle across calm waters; ominous skies flashing, still air whispering, “take cover, a storm is brewing.” 

Uncertain of what is to come, you crack a can, immediately, the air is filled with earthy undertones, stone fruit, and floral notes. Excitement builds as Storm Born dances across your palate with dark cherry and tropical melon dankness, complexities of roasted malts build a bready flavor that transition into a dry subtle toasty carmel finish. This storm, too, shall pass, and you will be left wanting another.

Brewer’s Notes: Aromatics are stone fruit meets floral and some subtle earth notes. The palate has a nice dark cherry with a hint of tropical dankness from the hops. The malts give a biscuit/bready flavor finishing with a subtle roasty caramel flavor. This beer finishes dry with a  lingering earthy hop profile and subtle hints of melon.