Winter Bock

Seeking out the changed and challenging landscape of the wintry north land, the hardiest of Northcoasters are digging out their camping gear. When snow is no longer measured in inches, they set out. Snowshoeing deep into the woods, they do not carry a tent. No, instead hours are spent building Quinzhees by shoveling large mounds of snow, not forgetting to let it sinter (harden), and finally digging out their sleeping quarters. In homage to these resilient souls we’ve brewed a malty, deep amber winter bock with a hint of chocolate. Just like it’s namesake, it’ll keep you warm through the coldest of winter nights.

For People Who Like

extreme snow fort building, spiked hot cocoa, thick wool socks


FERMENTABLES : Pilsner, Vienna, Munich, CaraMunich, Victory

HOPS VARIETIES : Cluster, Willamette