Superior Swell Kettle Sour

Prickly Pear

When you brew beer on the shore of Lake Superior the old saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, gets a new twist. We are always at the mercy of Lake Superior, even the weather can’t compete with the magnitude of her reach. So when the weather turns sour and the swells on Lake Superior are sky high, we brew our Superior Swell peach kettle sour. This tart beer is surprisingly refreshing to remind you that as quickly as the waves kick up, they will die back down again.

Brewer’s Notes:

A wheat ale, soured in the kettle to produce a clean bright sour flavor and then infused with peach puree to lend balancing tartness.

Fermentables: Pale Ale Malt, White Wheat Carapils

Hops: Sterling